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For ideas to travel they must first be tested by experts who have domain knowledge to determine whether they add to our understanding of the world around us. Those ideas are usually conveyed in technical language and are not available for a broader audience interested in being informed on the developments taking place in a field of inquiry. The purpose of this newsletter is to showcase the recent research, case writing, and teaching contributions of individual faculty to the wider community. Each article is a testimony to a new milestone of IIMA faculty achievements that broaden our horizon and throw light on issues confronted by managers and policy makers. This newsletter is an invitation to the reader to immerse yourself in the life world of IIMA and we trust it will be compelling enough that you will look forward to future editions and be part of an endeavor to stay current and be lifelong learners.

Errol D'Souza

Message from the Dean (Faculty)

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of Ideas from IIMA, a ‘faculty newsletter’ from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). IIMA’s faculty members engage in a lot of innovative work — research, teaching, and consulting — that influences practice. This newsletter aims at being a platform to disseminate such work, and at thus living up to our motto, Vidyaviniyogadvikasah (Development through Application of Knowledge).

The first issue presents write-ups on the impact of two published research works on practice and on the ideas behind two courses offered in our long-duration programs. We plan to talk about our innovative offerings in executive education and consulting, in addition to research and teaching, in future issues of Ideas from IIMA. We intend to release this newsletter once every quarter. For future issues, we solicit your suggestions on expanding the scope and improving the contents of the newsletter. Please feel free to communicate these to us.

My colleagues Professors Vijaya Sherry Chand and Viswanath Pingali have contributed significantly to conceptualizing and making this newsletter happen. Viswanath has kindly agreed to take over the editorial responsibilities for the subsequent issues of Ideas from IIMA, with Vijaya and myself continuing as advisors. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Dean (Faculty), IIMA



What role do firms have to play when public health crisis happens like with the recent encephalitis outbreak in Muzaffarpur, Bihar? One of the underlying causes it seems for this crisis has been the inadequate supply of medicines (vaccines for encephalitis in this context).


Global production networks (GPNs) allow firms from the developing world to insert themselves into global value chains. However, these firms need to manage the delicate balance between societal, territorial and network embeddedness.



Have you ever watched large flocks of birds flying in synchronised fashion at dawn or dusk? We cannot miss it in IIMA. Every year Rosy Pastors descend on the campus twice during their annual migrations. It is a delight to watch this synchronised flying, technically called murmurations.


One of the fundamental philosophical questions I have while growing up is, are people necessarily rational? Further, does the level of rationality increase with the degree of smartness of individual?


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