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Dear Reader,

I hope you have all been keeping safe, and doing well during these turbulent times. I am happy to note that this faculty newsletter, Ideas from IIMA has completed one year. Many thanks to the Dean (Faculty) for initiating this idea, the editorial committee for sustaining the momentum, and my colleagues for contributing their research, teaching experience and other initiatives. Of course, this newsletter would not have been possible without the contribution of several staff members.

While completing one year is a matter for celebration, I take a moment to remember Dr. Anil Kumar, our beloved librarian, who left us on the 17th of July, 2020. Anil was a giant in the Indian library community, and his passing away has left a deep sense of void in this field. Anil was also a part of the editorial committee of this newsletter. I remember meeting Anil for the first time about eight years ago as a part of my induction into the institute. He had the unique ability to put the nervous rookie at ease, as he guided me through what the library had to offer. Since then, I interacted with him several times and every time, he greeted me with the same smile and that firm handshake. Personally, like the rest of the community, I miss him, and hope that he rests in peace, wherever he is!

Coming back to the newsletter, this issue begins with Ideas for Practice. In this section, we feature two articles. The first one is by Prof. Pankaj Setia, in which he talks about digitization of customer services processes. Pankaj is a faculty member in the Information Systems Area at IIMA, and the piece is based on his article that appeared in MIS Quarterly. The next article by Prof. Vishal Gupta talks about leadership in the new age. Vishal is a faculty member in the Organizational Behaviour Area at IIMA. In the next section, From the Classroom, Prof. Apurv Nagpal discusses his course on innovation. Apurv is not only a visiting faculty, but also an alumnus of IIMA. Finally, in the last section, we pay a tribute to Dr. Anil Kumar. I am grateful to Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand (faculty member at IIMA) and Dr. Hiral Patel (deputy librarian at IIMA) for penning an emotional tribute to Anil. We hope you find the newsletter engaging. Do feel free to write back with any comments or suggestions.

Viswanath Pingali
August 2020

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Prof. Viswanath Pingali

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