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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the third issue of the faculty newsletter from IIMA, Ideas from IIMA. Many thanks for your feedback and comments on the first two issues. Since this newsletter is still in its nascent stages, your feedback will go a long way in letting us know how to curate future issues. This newsletter contains three sections: Ideas for Practice, From the Classroom, and Institutional Initiatives.

Ideas for Practice has four articles based on the research of faculty members. In the first article, Prof. Akshaya Vijayalakshmi talks about how children become advertisement-literates, and the steps policy makers and parents could take to regulate this advertising. This is based on a research paper that was published (along with her co-authors) in Frontiers in Psychology. In the second article, Prof. Sourav Borah discusses the impact of service quality in managing churn in consumers. This article is based on his research that was published (along with his co-authors) in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The final article is by Prof. Pritha Dev, in which she talks about how caste influences village level networks. She and her co-author (Prof. Hari Nagarajan, who is also a faculty member at the institute) show how caste dynamics dominate in network formations at the village level. Along with these research articles, we have also requested Prof Satish Deodhar to discuss his latest book, Economics Sutra: Ancient Indian Antecedents to Economic Thought. As the name suggests, the book focuses on antecedents to modern economic thought found in ancient Indian texts.

In From the Classroom, we feature a unique management development program chaired by Prof Amit Karna (along with Anchal Jain) on managing creative and cultural businesses. Creative and cultural businesses is an area that is neglected in India, and the main goal of the program is to provide frameworks to entrepreneurs who specialize in aesthetics and creative training. Finally, we also feature an important initiative that recently concluded at IIMA: The restoration and upgradation of Vikram Sarabhai Library. Dr. Anil Kumar, Librarian, IIMA, walks us through the complex logistical and operations details that had to be undertaken to completely restore the library in line with the modern standards.

This newsletter is an attempt to bring together a small portion of the exciting work that happens through the faculty members of IIMA! I would like to thank all contributors to this issue. Along with that, I would like to place on record the work of my colleagues, Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand and Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay. Many thanks to Mr. Bhavesh Patel and Ms. Rina Patel of the Library for creating the web design, and to Ms. Diana Joseph for editorial assistance. As usual, we look forward to your comments and feedback on this issue as well!

Viswanath Pingali
February 2020

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Prof. Viswanath Pingali

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