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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second issue of the faculty newsletter from IIMA, Ideas from IIMA. Many thanks for your feedback and comments on the first issue. Since this newsletter is still in its nascent stages, your feedback will go a long way in letting us know how to curate future versions. This newsletter contains three sections: Ideas for Practice, From the Classroom and Institutional Initiatives taken by Faculty.

Ideas for Practice has two articles based on the research of IIMA faculty members. In the first article, Prof. Debjit Roy talks about how customer waiting times affect revenues of restaurants. It is based on a research paper that he and his co-authors published in the Journal of Operations Management. In the second article, Prof. Brij Kothari discusses how his idea of same-language-subtitling, which aims to improve reading literacy skills among the masses, is being implemented across the nation. The initial development of this idea happened when Brij was a faculty member at IIMA. He continues to be associated with the institute as an adjunct faculty.

In From the Classroom we feature two novel courses currently being offered in the long-duration programs at the institute. The first one, described by Prof. Jayanth Varma, is on some recent innovations in the financial world: Bitcoin and Blockchain. In the second article, Prof. Arvind Sahay introduces us to a course he teaches with three other faculty members that combines insights from big data, anthropology and neuroscience to develop insights into consumer behaviour.

Finally, we feature an important activity initiated at IIMA, the creation of the IIMA Archives. For an institute like IIMA, it is important that its institutional history be depicted in a systematic manner. Many people have contributed to the growth of the institute; at the same time, the institute has played a significant role in several initiatives at local and national levels. Prof. Chinmay Tumbe, who leads the IIMA Archives, introduces us to this novel initiative.

This newsletter is an attempt to bring together a small portion of the exciting work that faculty members at IIMA are engaged in! I would like to place on record the work of my colleagues, Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand, Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay and Dr. Anil Kumar in putting together this newsletter. Many thanks to Mr. Bhavesh Patel of the Vikram Sarabhai Library at IIMA for the web design. As usual, we look forward to receiving your comments and feedback!

Viswanath Pingali
November 2019

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Prof. Viswanath Pingali

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