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Dear Readers

I am excited to present the awards issue of Ideas from IIMA. The IIMA research and teaching award winners and their work are featured in this issue. The articles in this issue also cover the process adopted by the faculty members to hone their research and teaching skills.

But these winners are not all. In the last year, we have had several faculty members being recognized internationally for their research contributions. I am sharing some of the details below.

  • Prof. Rajesh Chandwani: Violence Against Doctors: A Customer Incivility Perspective won the Best First-Time Videography Award at Association of Consumer Research (ACR) Conference
  • Prof. Anish Sugathan: Fung Global Fellow at Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
  • Prof. Debjit Roy: Sole winner of the Second Prize for Basant Kumar Birla Distinguished Research Scholar Awards for Social Science and Management 2020.
  • Prof. Karthik Sriram: Best Paper Award for 2022 by the American Risk and Insurance Association published in the Journal of Risk and Insurance. Paper titled Stochastic loss reserving: A new perspective from a Dirichlet model.
  • Profs. Debjit Roy and Srikumar Krishnamoorthy along with doctoral student, Shanthan Kandula: Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) for "A Data-driven Optimization Approach to Solve the E-commerce Packaging Problem."
  • Prof. Ernesto Noronha: Joint winner of the Third Prize for Basant Kumar Birla Distinguished Research Scholar Awards for Social Science and Management 2020.
  • Prof. Prashant Das: Best Paper Award 2021 from Journal of Real Estate Research. Paper titled, 'Investor Sentiment and Prepayment Hazard: The Case of Multifamily MBS Loans.'

Apart from the above, several other faculty members joined the editorial boards of international journals.

Join me in congratulating the winners, and I hope you enjoy getting to know them and their work a little better. The upcoming issues will continue to present award-winners and their significant contributions.

As always, this issue would have been incomplete without the incredible support of the authors who gave us their time and IIMA staff who helped in editing and formatting this issue. I want to thank my two main pillars- Mr. Shahid Quereshi for copyediting and Mr. Bhavesh Patel for the IT support. My special thanks to Ms. Sophia Christina (GM, Communications) for being my sounding board and Mr. Ashok Prajapati (photographer) for helping me put together various parts of this issue.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the awards issue.

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi
Akshaya Vijayalakshmi is an Associate Professor in the Marketing area.

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Prof. Akshaya Vijayalakshmi

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