Motivating Mindfulness: Why should Organizations Pay Attention?

Prof Rajesh Chandwani

In this video, Prof. Rajesh explains the various ways by which organizations and individuals can benefit from practicing mindfulness. He talks about how mindfulness helps cultivate a global mindset, enhance moral reasoning and manage emotions after a psychological contract breach.

You can read the papers mentioned in the video at:

Shaffakat, S., Otaye-Ebede, L., Reb, J., Chandwani, R., & Vongswasdi, P. (2021). Mindfulness attenuates both emotional and behavioral reactions following psychological contract breach: A two-stage moderated mediation model. Journal of Applied Psychology. Online.

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About The Author

Prof Rajesh Chandwani

Prof Rajesh Chandwani

Rajesh Chandwani is an associate professor in the Human Resources Management area.