Creative and Cultural Businesses Programme (CCBP)

Prof. Amit Karna & Prof. Anchal Jain

The creative & cultural domain has often been neglected in India. However, with the coming of age of a new generation of entrepreneurs with evolved aesthetics and creative training, this is rapidly changing. CCBP is a 6-month programme with 15 training days on IIMA campus where each session is curated for entrepreneurs in creative & cultural industries. The programme focuses on domain knowledge and management frameworks, as well as the financial and commercial aspects of the business. Over the years, CCBP has become a benchmark in entrepreneurial thinking and creative learning, generating interest from global entities working towards the future of cultural heritage.

The programme also recognizes the unique strategic needs of the sector, paying particular attention to value creation models at early stages of a lifestyle brand, with aesthetics playing a key role.

What started with a unified passion to be a one-of-a kind academic incubator, has developed into a programme known to nourish and strengthen business aspirations of passionate creative talent in India. Over the last six years, the programme has:
  • Mentored and trained over 170 creative entrepreneurs, from urban and rural India, to build conscious, inclusive and, most importantly, authentic enterprises that are rooted and transparent.
  • Invested in action research projects for grassroots development.
  • Forged thought leadership for the creative and cultural industry.
  • Strengthened market linkages and industry collaborations to create a holistic impact on the complete value chain.
  • Fostered the idea of inclusive management education by bringing, at full scholarship, rural artisans in the same classroom as their urban, industry participants. This successful experiment has delivered holistic learning for all.

Previous editions of the programme have explored a variety of panel discussions with seasoned industry veterans across the board. Through panel deliberations on topics such as Global Economic Value of Indianness - exploring our soft cultural power as a vital influencer in building sustainable global brands, to diving into conversation with none other than Ermenegildo Zegna, to exploring the "The Search for Indianness" with Rajeev Sethi, CCBP has seen a compelling array of panellists come together to explore synergies across the creative & cultural industries.

The ventures that are part of the CCBP 2019-2020 focus on high impact causes such as artisanal empowerment, sustainable manufacturing, craft preservation to even revival of traditional dance forms. The batch is inspired and prepared to enable progressive as well as sustainable business models of the future.

The six-month programme is delivered primarily through 15 days of in-class sessions and a continued interaction online over the period. It involves (i) three academic camps, (ii) presentations and discussions led by faculty and experts (brand owners, craftsmen, retailers, and consultants), (iii) project critiques, (iv) mentor engagement (v) webinars, (vi) brainstorm and network with contemporary thought leaders in the design space and (vii) launchpad for a showcase to the industry and investors.

In each classroom session, participants are expected to analyze, discuss, and suggest a suitable course of action for the identified dimensions of the business case. Equally important is the task of understanding concepts and ideas from the readings and articles given to the participants.

The participants are required to build on their respective business cases and prepare for the final launchpad that takes place at the end of the programme.

The programme is best suited for those with experience in creative and cultural businesses as well as those who wish to enter these segments. These could be entrepreneurs with an existing business, now ready to scale or diversify, or 'want-to-be entrepreneurs' with a well defined idea with legs. The ventures could be in any creative or cultural sector, such as:
  • Visual arts - painting, sculpture, photography, antiques
  • Publishing and print media - books, press, other publications
  • Design - architecture, interior, graphic, fashion, jewelry & watches, toys, accessories
  • Creative services - advertising, branding, communication design, creative R&D, cultural & recreational
  • Hospitality - travel, food & beverage, health & wellness, real estate
  • New media - software, video games, digitized creative content
  • Audiovisuals - film, television, radio, other broadcasting
  • Performing arts - live music, theatre, dance, opera, circus, puppetry
  • Traditional cultural expressions - arts and crafts, festivals, celebrations
  • Cultural sites - archeological sites, museums, libraries, exhibitions

The next batch of CCBP will start from August 2020, the admissions for which will begin in April 2020.

About The Authors

Prof. Amit Karna

Prof. Amit Karna

PhD (Strategic Management), Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Prof. Anchal Jain

Prof. Anchal Jain

Co-Chair, Creative and Cultural Businesses Programme at IIM Ahmedabad